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ProFlowers & Google Defend "Sold Out" Ads

The biggest story coming out of the Valentine's holiday isn't the resurgence in local florist orders, or even the thousands of complaints voiced against some national companies via social media. No, the biggest story - one that's attracted media attention outside of the floral industry - is bizarre AdWords campaign run by ProFlowers on Valentine's Day. The ad was displayed when Google users searched for flower shops by name, and displayed a message saying the local florist was sold, but that ProFlower still had product available.

You can ready Cathy's blog post to get the history of the situation, and follow the discussion on FlowerChat for the latest events.

Community Manager

The verdict is in, and I'm excited to announce that we have our new FlowerChat Community Manager! Who is it?

You'll just have to wait until next week to find out! I promise, it is worth the wait :)

Valentine's Is Over - Was It Good For You?

Take part in our post-Valentine's poll and find out .


FC & FFC in GR for MFA's GLFE - Are you coming?

Pardon the "alphabet soup", but acronyms are all the rage these days, right? (Or perhaps I've been watching too much NCIS and CSI?)

The annual Great Lakes Floral Expo hosted by the Michigan Floral Association happens next weekend! This may be my favourite state show of the year (although I have to give a nod to TN for for their pecan pie!). FlowerChat and Florists For Change will be there and it's going to be an awesome time to network, learn and share our love of all things floral.

I'm still not sure how this worked out, but I'm speaking 4 times in 5 days, including a day-long intensive online marketing course on the Friday.

What's up for Florists For Change that weekend? I'm glad you asked!

  • One member florist is meeting with a national Google rep regarding deceptive AdWords ads
  • Members are planning a meeting in DC with the FTC
  • A major national marketer was exposed for leveraging local florist addresses on their web site
  • The FFC Conference Agenda is online now

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There's a negative for non-WS businesses as the WS/OGs fight the tide of complaints
We all know that FTD, TF & 1-800 and (many of) the OGs are still facing 1,000s of complaints about non-delivery or product below expectation for Val-D 2012.
Valentine's Day Aftermath
i have one local florist that has over 500 orders sitting there for v-day delivery. all from the WS's
Ok.......I was wrong, you guys were right!
For 30 years we have built a shop that clearly respects the dollars spent with us and offer a level of service that most can't (in our area at least). We built that business partially on the backs of the WS.
teleflora website reset all my prices late evening yesterday
heads up if you have a TF website, I noticed a drop in prices late last night, and all of my prices got reset to pre-holiday pricing.
FlowerChat Fantasy Baseball - 2012
Calling all Baseball fans!

It's that time of year again, when the boys of summer head to Spring Training, and baseball fans start to twitch in anticipation.


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Shop Talk:

Very slow today
Our shop was very slow today.....the phones were sooooo quiet. Yesterday at the LA flower market was quiet too and the prices were low which tells me the wholesalers are a little scared.
well Valentines day is winding down here
So glad I didn't buy into the "30% more sales on a tues" because mine are looking to be about the same as last year.
I got one bunch of those rainbow roses
There are 3 colours on one flower... We'll see how they go over. I dropped off 3 to the local restraunt that is busy at lunch time to see if they get a reaction.
Need someone to create this....
Our cooler is generally a good size for us except for that wonderful Valentine's Day holiday. So, I've decided that I need a different type of shelving.


Curious To Know If Anyone Didn't Have A Good VD
I keep hearing about all the great VDays but just curious if anyone had a not so good Valentine's?


yndicate why must you put stickers on your vases?
Anyone else ready to pull their hair out over stickers on the bottom of vases?

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